Improve customer experience and develop sales outlets’ profitability

TimeSkipper, the first in-store platform for managing your workload

TimeSkipper, the first in-store platform for managing your workload

Timeskipper, the essential digital platform for optimizing daily work schedules and sales outlets management.

Make each hour of work in your store worthwhile


20 to 30 %
of your time in your store
is misused

Our commitment

Get + 50%
of this time back

A unique, innovative digital solution,

adapted to the food retail industry (hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores)
or specialist retail sector (
DIY, clothing, pharmacies, sports, entertainment, etc.)

and manage tasks

  • High-priority tasks (sales advice, shelving, multi-function checkouts, etc.)
  • Mandatory tasks (dates, stock shortages, inventories, etc.)
  • Time-sensitive tasks (placing orders, briefs, etc.) adapted to the industry-specific requirements

and forecasting flows

  • Customers
  • Sold items, E-Commerce orders
  • Deliveries (e.g. packages, pallets)
  • Etc.

and allocating workloads

  • Assign workloads fairly between employees of the same team
  • Develop mutual assistance within and between teams
  • Strengthening employee autonomy

It only takes 5 minutes to prepare team task-planning.
Reports are generated automatically.

Why do
TimeSkipper ?

Why do Retailers choose Timeskipper?
  • Improving customer experience: sales advice, storekeeping
  • Develop the outlet’s profitability
  • Strengthen managerial dynamics, fairness and transparency
  • Make organising work more flexible

See a Return On Investment
in less than 6 months

They have trusted us

Since 2011, many food sales outlets and non-food specialized retailers have increased their profitability thanks to TimeSkipper…
Why not you?


Managing teams’ activity as a solution to get though the crisis

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